FVI Grant Program

Helping Farmers Know What Works

NYFVI is pleased to share this Request for Proposals (RFP) for our competitive grant program. We are seeking proposals that have clear relevance to New York’s agriculture community, demonstrated producer support, and the ability to deliver farm-level economic impact over time.

As in the past, we are asking applicants to carefully review our mission statement and portfolio priorities and show us how your work will create and share knowledge that will ultimately result in farm-level impact.

In short, we want you to help farmers know what works to solve their most pressing challenges or leverage their biggest opportunities.

Similar to the last few years we are expressing an interest in projects focused on new technologies as well as work that encourages better understanding of soil health management practices that improve a farmer’s bottom line.

In both areas, we are particularly interested in seeing more proposals that accelerate practice changes. 

Ideas include, but are not limited to:

Determining or demonstrating the usefulness and cost effectiveness of new technology and tools. We call this the “Consumer Reports” approach. How can your work help farmers understand which new tools are valuable?

Increasing the use of data based decision making on farms. 

Projects that increase understanding of soil health practices or help farmers see the economic value of those practices to their business.

Projects that will help farmers better understand climate change and the practices that will help mitigate the impacts.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully review the RFP. For your convenience, it has been formatted both electronically and as a pdf. There are six sections:

PDF file of the RFP

All applications must be submitted online through our web-based system, and applicants must register for credentials. 

Questions? We’re always happy to help. Call NYFVI staff at 315-453-3823.