NYFVI is pleased to partner with New York State’s Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM) to manage the competitive grant program for New York State’s USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program application.

The 2021 request for proposals is now closed. Typically, this RFP opens in January and closes late February.

All applications are submitted online via NYFVI’s system. If you don’t have credentials to access the online system please allow two working days for them to be issued.

Informational webinars
Two grantwriting webinars were held in late January. The slides are available here.

Prior Grant Recipients
2020 Grants were announced in October. The press release is available on the NY Department of Agriculture and Markets website.

A list of projects funded through this program since 2014 can be found in the file below. Within the file, worksheets are sorted by active and completed projects.

2021 RFP
The 2021 Request for Proposals, and files associated with it are available below.

Questions and Answers
Questions about the Specialty Crop RFP or application must be submitted via email to  All questions and answers will be posted here.

Q. I see the project end date must be Dec. 31,2023.  My issue is that I would like to present the two years of the grower trials at a grower conference in 2024 as this is an excellent way to reach growers and get them talking with the grower-collaborators about the results.  However, the conference won’t be held until late February, 2024.  Would I be able to include the conference in my milestones with a Dec. 31, 2023 date but then ask for a no-cost extension so that I can achieve the milestone? 

A. I think what you propose in your question would be the way to go.   There may be the potential of getting a 1 quarter extension and we will need to wait and see as the time gets closer.  We have a little flexibility when it comes to extensions, but the end date for Ag & Markets SCBG contract with USDA contract is firm and we can’t go beyond that.  USDA allowed extensions to the States this year because of Covid but they generally do not.  In any case, I think it makes sense to reference presenting at the conference even if it is outside the time frame of the project.

Q. Would a performance target documenting knowledge gains or attitude changes be considered sufficient for SCP?

A. Specialty Crop Program application requires that one of two required performance targets (see page 11 in NYFVI RFP) in addition to other performance targets in proposal, must be selected.  There are also required prescribed milestones of which at least one must be selected.   You may select the milestone that most nearly meets your desired project outcome.  Your question about documenting knowledge gains or attitude changes does fit into at least one required milestone so would be well received.