NYFVI Dairy Profit Team Program

Using A Dairy Profit Team: It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3. At the New York Farm Viability Institute (NYFVI) we believe that bringing the right people together as a team to discuss a farm’s operations and propose solutions can help a farm operate more profitably. The Dairy Profit Team program is designed to help you, as a farm owner and leader bring your advisors together and establish the routine of regular team meetings.

Under the leadership of the farm, the team evaluates the farm operation, identifies priority areas and makes recommendations for improvement. Typical areas of focus include milk yield, reduced input costs, cow comfort and mortality rates. Regular meetings, keep everyone on track and provide an opportunity for practical solutions to be developed.

Farms with Dairy Profit Teams have achieved significant gains in productivity, profitability, efficiency and quality of life.

NYFVI accepts Dairy Profit Team applications on a rolling basis. The program requires farmer participants to hold a minimum of six team meetings over a maximum 15 month period and covers 100 percent of the fees charged by the team up to $3,000.

The Requirements
1. Commitment. Identify your team members and commit to using a profit team for one year to help your farm identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. SIgn up and you’ll be committing to holding and reporting on 6 meetings over 12 months.

2. Start Holding the Meetings and then check-in. After three meetings, the farm will need to tell us how it’s going and email the minutes of meetings held. A simple template for minutes is provided upon enrollment. A W-9 for participating farms is also 
submitted at this point.

3.  Finish 6 meetings and bookkeeping. At 12 months, and no later than 15 months, the farm will need to submit the balance of the meeting minutes and a single reimbursement request using an excel sheet that is provided. NYFVI will reimburse up to $3,000 dollars of the cost associated with the meetings.

Below is the file you need to apply, as well templates you’ll need to successfully manage your team through the process.

Use this document to capture everything you need for your meeting report.

Complete this excel sheet to submit your expenses for reimbursement.

W9 Form.  All farms must complete a W9 form before any compensation can be made.

For more information on the Dairy Profit Team program, please contact us.