Day Two Webinar Recap: How Did We Get Here? Understanding the Intersection of Agriculture, Scientific Knowledge and Societal Need.

The second day of our webinar series attracted extension educators, researchers, policy makers and farmers. The session was anchored by a presentation from Ag Historian Nicole Welk-Joerger and followed by a discussion among three of NYFVI’s project leaders, Elson Shields, Brian Nault and Aaron Ristow.

Nicole Welk-Joerger’s presentation emphasized how an understanding of history can help all stakeholders move forward with intentionality. She discussed how each stakeholder audience has a hierarchy of priorities, and a need to balance risks. A brief overview of some key points in the development of the pesticide industry was included. Panel discussion followed, as well as a few moments at the end for an audience Q&A.

The video is available here, enjoy!

A link to the audio recording is available here.

The slides that Nicole Welk-Joerger used are available below.