2018 FVI Grant Recipients



Award and Soil Testing (ST)

Quantifying benefits of biofungicides in vegetable disease management using novel disease detection methods

Amara Dunn
Integrated Pest Management
Cornell University


A novel enzyme based seed coating to reduce damping off and black rot in vegetables - optimization on cabbage

Marie Donnelly
Zymtronix Catalytic Systems, Inc.


Practical application of UV-light to suppress plant pathogens

Mark Rea
Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Refining and evaluating NY adapted freshmarket tomato lines with combined resistances to bacterial and fungal diseases

Martha Mutschler
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Cornell University


Assessing spatial distribution of grape mealybug, fruit lecanium scale, ants and leafroll virus for targeted management strategies in Long Island vineyards

Alice Wise
Suffolk County CCE


Rapid and Cost-effective Pathogen Detection Assay for Fire Blight Management in Apple Orchards

Awais Khan
Plant Pathology, Geneva,
Cornell University


Nitrogen Rich Strips with Manure and Fertilizer to Test Nitrogen Needs of Corn Across Yield-Stability Zones within Farmer Fields.

Quirine Ketterings
Nutrient Management Program, Cornell University


ST $3,600

Using Statistical Pattern-Recognition Tools to Unveil Combination of Factors that Affect Corn Yield to Instruct Resource Allocation within a Field

Erasmus Oware
UB Digital Agriculture Team
SUNY at Buffalo


ST $17,136

Determine if Sulfur is a Limiting Nutrient in Soil and New York Soybean Production.

Jodi Letham
NWNY Dairy & Livestock Team, Cornell University


ST $8,640

Effect of Corn Plant Characteristics and Harvester Setup on Kernel Processing Scores and Starch Digestibility

Joe Lawrence
ProDairy, Cornell University


On-farm spore interventions to produce value added low spore raw milk for production of extended shelf-life fluid milk products

Martin Wiedmann
Milk Quality Improvement Program,Cornell University


Advancing New York's Hop Industry with Unique Varieties and Quality Assurance

Steve Miller
Northeast Hop Alliance


Investigating the true potential of the Industrial Hemp crop for New York State agriculture

Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins
Morrisville State College


Development of Impatiens plants that are resistant to the devastating disease, Impatiens Downy Mildew

Mark Bridgen
L.I. Horticultural Research Center and Extension Program
 Cornell University


Understanding Cut Flower Production Costs

Marie Anselm
Ontario County CCE



Total Awards with soil testing

$    1,410,991