2018 SCBG Questions and Answers

Following are the questions received from potential applicants. These answers are all consistent with, and can be found in the RFP.

Question: Are spaces counted in character limits?
Answer: Yes, spaces are included in the count for character limits.

Question: Is the 1500 character limit for the Producer Involvement section the limit for the entire section, or the limit for each of the 5 aspects of the project?
Answer: 1500 character limit is for the entire section

Question: What is the character limit for Targets, Milestones and Activities?
Answer: There are no character limits for that section.

Question: The instructions for the "project Justification" section asks to include a synopsis of previous work. Should the reference for this work be cited? And if so, if there a place to include a reference section?
Answer: Literature references are not required, nor is there a reference section to include full articles. Many applicants provide a simple author and date reference in the text, but it is not required.

Question: Are letters of support required?
Answer: Letters of support are not required, nor are they accepted.

Question: Is it required that producers participate in each of the 5 aspects of the project, including Proposal Development, Project Advisory Committee, Project Implementation, Project Outreach, and Project Evaluation?
Answer: No, producers do not need to participate in every aspect of the project.

Question: Will program divide line items in budget into quarterly amounts
Answer: No, the software does not divide the budget into quarterly amounts. The applicant should enter the budget by quarter as it will be incurred according to the work plan.

Question: I noticed there was a webinar on the 23rd of January. Is that available to view as recording?
Answer: The webinar is not available as a recording, however the slides may be seen here.

Question: I hope to submit an application to the Specialty Crop Block Grant RFP and submitted information to register today. Do you have a sense of how long it takes to be registered?
Answer: Registration for credentials in the NYFVI system is done by a staff person during working hours. It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours.