Developing Human Capital

Improving our Farm-Training Community: Helping Farmers to Improve On-Farm Training. Sharing knowledge is a strong tradition in agriculture. And, in a family farm situation it can happen naturally over time.  However, many beginning farmers aren’t entering agriculture from a family farm.  These new farmers are eager for knowledge and mentoring, and the experienced farmers are happy to help, but sometimes the knowledge transfer doesn’t go as planned.  The fact of the matter is that the curriculum needs to look much different when it is compressed in a single season, rather than a childhood. Anne Ruflin of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York will use $60,000 of NYFVI funds to develop and test curriculum and tools to help these experienced farmers become skilled mentors and educators.

Greenhouse Assistance Directory. The greenhouse sector is highly diverse, with needs ranging from production topics to business management.  Information about NY-specific resources can be difficult to find.  NYFVI has awarded Karen Dean Hall of the New York State Flower Industries $27,970 to bring together information about the wide range of programs and professionals that are available to help growers.  The directory will be field tested prior to final production and will be available to growers both online and in a print version by April 2017.