Listed below are opportunities and barriers that were identified by the Pro Dairy/NYFVI Advisory Committee in 2015. This summary list includes high-priority items that are applicable to research, outreach, and education of the type funded by NYFVI.  A quantitative survey was also conducted among a larger group of dairy and field crop producers in 2015. Results are here.

Animal Production Knowledge
Sub-Clinical Ketosis Drenching Ease, is there a better way? (maybe a feed additive)

Cow bunching in the heat (why and prevention)

Mastitis -- Strep

Manure management -- waste to worth – manure nutrients, crop nutrients, extracting more nutrients through the cow.

Antibiotic Regulation in the Future and the Role of Veterinarians
Facility Design
Ventilation Systems Economic Comparison

Flooring comparison of rubber types

Is there a better soft floor?

Pros and Cons of 2 row versus 3 row barns
Feed Production Knowledge
Crops/Soil Health to maximize productivity and manure nutrient management

Double cropping opportunities

Precision Agriculture for production
Business Knowledge
Strategic Planning – Many don’t think about this until it’s too late. This includes facilities, finances and people.

Human Resources – employee manuals, job reviews, labor laws, Hispanic labor, improve labor efficiency.

Increase in Labor Costs versus Automation  --robotics, input costs, and how to increase efficiency.

Family counseling, generational transfer, succession planning

Technology – how to provide nonbiased information, how comfortable are farmers with technology, such as webinars.

CCE regional teams for the state

Small Farm Cost of Production and Safety Net Programs

Data Sorting and how to manage this

Understanding economic potential of differentiated high value milk
Industry Infrastructure
Farm’s social license to operate – what will shut you down first? ie: animal well being, manure

Digesters/Energy – how to generate income sources. Energy framework in the state. Changes in the short term.

Biogas on small farms gas (NH4 and CH4) collection after digestion in storage with covers

Climate change policy that will impact farms

Erosion Control Planning Efficiency 
Organic Dairy

In 2006 a survey was conducted among organic producers.  Results are here.