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Ambrosia Beetle, Black Stem Borer Control in Apple Nurseries

Grant Program: OAR
Agricultural Sector: Fruit
Project Duration: 4/1/2015 - 3/31/2017
Amount Awarded: $74,245.00
Lead Organization: Cornell
Project Leader: Deborah Breth
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Managing an Emerging Threat in Apple Orchards
Deborah Breth of the CCE Lake Ontario Fruit Program is working to assess the extent of black stem borer, an Ambrosia beetle from Asia recently found in NY orchards. Her New York Farm Viability Institute funded project will identify treatments and timings for controls in commercial and on-farm nurseries producing apple trees for high density plantings. BSB was first reported in Western NY high density apple orchards in 2013 and has been identified on 25 farms thus far. Apple producers have been reporting tree losses of 10-30 % in high density plantings.
The tiny, 1X2 mm beetle, is attracted to the ethanol from stressed trees. It drills 1mm holes in the trunk and channels straight into the mainstem of young trees, including nursery trees. Some infested trees respond to the invasion by walling off the attack which can result in plugging the cambial vessels, and the tree wilting and dying. 
If you see this pest attacking your commercial orchard, email
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