Improving Individual Operational Practices

Cornell Onion Thrips Management Program: Saves Money and Reduces Insecticide Resistance

Dr. Brian Nault, NYS Ag Experiment Station, Cornell University


Managing an Emerging Threat: Ambrosia Beetle Black Stem Borer Control in Apple Nurseries.

Deborah Breth, CCE Lake Ontario Fruit Program, Cornell University


Dairy Discussion Groups Support Learning.

Kathy Barrett, Cornell University


Sustainable Management of Root Weevil Populations for Improved Profitability

Dr. Elson Shields, Department of Entomology, Cornell University


Using Precision Feed Management to Improve Profitability on Dairy Farms.

Kevin Ganoe, Central New York Dairy and Field Crops Team, Cornell University


Improving Reproductive Management for Dairy Heifers to Manage Costs

Dr. Julio Giordano, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University


Improving Milk Quality by Understanding Environmental Pathogens in Different Bedding Types

Dr. Paula Ospina, Quality Milk Production Services, Cornell University



Fostering Industry-Wide Innovation

Low Tunnel Strawberries: A Cost-Effective Approach to Extending the Growing Season.

Dr. Marvin Pritts, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University


Increasing the Efficacy and Economic Viability of Trap and Kill Systems for Invasive Pests

Peter Jentsch, Hudson Valley Lab, Cornell University


Assessing the Impact of Pesticides on Honey Bee Health.

Dr. Scott McArt, Department of Entomology, Cornell University


BMR Sorghum and Winter Forage for Double Cropping.

Thomas Kilcer, Advanced Ag Systems


Using Cover Crops to Improve Soil Heath and Vine Productivity in Concord Vineyards

Luke Haggerty, Lake Erie Regional Grape Program, Cornell University


Equipping Apple Growers to Quantify the Role of Native Bees in Pollination

Dr. Bryan Danforth, Department of Entomology, Cornell University


Incubating New Ideas

Testing a Cow-Side Blood-Calcium Meter to Identify Subclinical Hypocalcemia.

Dr. Mark J Thomas, Dairy Health & Management Services, LLC


Integrating Spatial Maps to use Variable Rate Technology in Mechanized Concord Vineyards

Dr. Terry Bates, Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory, Cornell University


Engaging Growers for NY Production of Chinese Medicinal Herbs.

Jean Giblette, High Falls Foundation


Improving Routes to Market and Marketing

Practical Tools to Help Small Scale Livestock Producers Develop Profitable Customers.

Matt LeRoux, CCE Tompkins County


Marketing Plans to Help NYC Greenmarket Farmers Build Sales.

Christopher Wayne, GrowNYC


Developing Human Capital

Teaching Farmers to Teach Others

Anne Ruflin, Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York

 $ 60,000

Greenhouse Assistance Directory

Karen Dean Hall, New York State Flower Industries