Dairy Profit Teams Help Farms Move Forward
NYFVI accepts Dairy Profit Team applications on a rolling basis. Profit Teams are groups of professionals (feed consultants, extension agents, veterinarians, accountants etc.), selected by the farmer that work together to improve the business.  
The team evaluates the farm operation,selects priority areas and makes recommendations for improvement. Typical areas of focus include milk yield, reduced input costs, cow comfort and mortality rates. Regular meetings, keep everyone on track and provide an opportunity for practical solutions to be developed.
Farms with Dairy Profit Teams have achieved significant gains in productivity, profitability, efficiency and quality of life.
Participation in the program requires a willingness to provide the team with detailed information on the farm’s operations, and an open mind toward making changes based on the team’s recommendations. The program requires farmer participants to hold a minimum of seven (7) team meetings over a maximum 15 month period and cover 20 percent of the fees charged by the team, with the balance being paid by the New York Farm Viability Institute, up to $3,000.

Dairy Profit Team Brochure 
Getting Started.
Program Requirements and Application Review the program requirements and complete the simple one page form.
Template for Meeting Report.  Use this document to capture everything you need for your meeting report.
Worksheet for Reimbursements. Complete this to submit your expenses for reimbursement.
W9 Form.  All farms must complete a W9 form before any compensation can be made.
Additional Resources (Useful information about selecting team members, setting team goals, and more)
For more information on the Dairy Profit Team program, feel free to contact NYFVI.