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Onion Thrips Management: Learn How to Avoid Insecticide ResistanceTen years ago NY onion growers routinely lost 30-50% of their crop’s value to thrips. Since then, new insecticides have minimized loss.  Unfortunately, the new products are being used almost weekly, are expensive, and thrips can build up resistance.

Professor Brian Nault of Cornell University has developed a management approach that integrates active monitoring, higher action thresholds, and rotating insecticides to control the pest. The approach, developed in a 2014 pilot, was further tested in grower’s fields across the state. T ... Read more

NE Pollinator Partnership 
Equipping Apple Growers to Quantify the Role of Native Bees in Pollination

Challenges in the commercial honeybee industry have caused apple growers to think more about pollination in their orchards. They see wild bees in their blossoms, but don’t have a way to measure and track ... Read more