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We are a farmer-led nonprofit group that awards grant funds for applied research, outreach education, and economic development projects that help farms across New York become more profitable and sustainable. 
Project profiles
Sanitary Taps Can Sweeten Maple's Bottom LineResearch conducted over the last five years has shown that significant increases in sap yield can be obtained by keeping the tap hole free of contamination by bacteria and yeast.  This contamination usually comes from an old spout, or old drop line.  By replacing the spout and the 20 to 30 inch drop line in a tubing system, experiments have shown significant increases regardless of seasonal conditions. In some instance the yield from the new taps was double that of the older equipment.  Further research demonstrated that consiste ... Read more

Avoiding crown gall and leafroll diseases can pay off for NY grape growers.
New York is home to three grapevine nurseries that supply vines to growers across the US. A group of Cornell research and extension specialists are working with the nurseries to help grape growers avoid disease in their plantings. The interdisciplinary team is working to quantify the cost of disease and to identify clean vines through extensive testing.
Marc Fuchs one of the Cornell project leads said “The economic impact of crown gall disease is currently estimated to range from $2,600 to $17,000 per acre over 25 years, depending on vi ... Read more